Day 2

Detox Day 2

7-Day Detox overview and guidelines here. Shopping List here

Detox Day 2: Groovin’ Along, My Day 1, and Juice Pulp Crackers (January 2013)

Detox Day 2: Why Detox, and Why is Raw So Great Anyway? (January 2012)

Carrot Orange Cucumber Shake

Upon Waking (7:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water) and a dash of cayenne
Breakfast (8:00 AM)
Carrot Orange Cucumber Shake (SKINNY DISH, page 48):
This shake makes about 4 (1-cup) servings–enjoy 2 cups if you want!
Morning Snack (10:00 AM)
Herbal tea, 1 cup blueberries or other berries
1 Hour Later (11:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water)
Lunch (12:00 PM)
8-10 pieces of veggie sushi rolls wrapped in nori with rice (cucumber, carrot, avocado, etc.)
Can be purchased already prepared at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, or a Japanese restaurant.
Alternate lunch: Large green salad with 1/2-1 cup beans or lentils, and 1 cup brown rice or quinoa
Mid-Afternoon Snack (2:00 PM)
Large glass of filtered water with lemon wedge
Sliced veggies dipped in TJ’s Goddess Dressing (or other non-dairy, tahini-based dressing like the one on p 238 of SKINNY DISH)
Pre-Dinner Snack (4:00 PM)
Herbal tea; 1/4 cup raw cashews
Dinner (6:00 PM)
Carrot Ginger Soup (SKINNY DISH, page 94)
Omit Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread from recipe. 
Rice crackers
1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
Filtered water
Before Bed (8:00 PM)
Chamomile or other herbal tea

Woohoo to Day 2! Easier than Day 1? Feeling cleaner already? Keep it up, champs!!

20 Responses to Day 2

  1. susan says:

    is there a diff soup we can sub for this, I have tried and don’t care for this one….

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Susan, Instead of the Carrot Ginger Soup, you could try a homemade veggie-heavy vegetable soup or the Curried Sweet Potato Soup on Day 7. It’s good enough to eat twice in 1 week :) -Jen

  2. susan says:

    ok perfect, thanks!!

  3. Kerry says:

    I made this soup and loved it! I was so excited how it turned out and to share it with my family. They did not like it. They were nice about it and I made them something else. I think it was the ginger. Too funny!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      That’s so funny, Kerry! I LOOOVE that soup too, but you definitely have to like ginger. Your taste buds are likely changing and things are tasting different/better this week too. On Day 1, I always enjoy that morning fruit like it’s the best thing I’ve eaten my whole life. :) XOXO Jen

  4. Can you use a juicer for the carrot cucumber orange shake?

  5. Stefanie Raya says:

    Hi Jen – Have you created a shopping list for this detox?

  6. Rana 52 says:

    I also loved the soup! I don’t have the Almond milk for Day 3’s Shamrock Smoothie. Can I use something else for this one or should I use Day 2’s shake again?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Do you have another non-dairy milk on hand? Soymilk, or even water would work for the Shamrock Smoothie since the banana is what really makes it creamy. Yesterday’s shake is fine too, I just want you to try the Shamrock b/c it’s so good! :)

  7. Megan Dunn says:

    How many rice crackers with the Carrot Soup?

  8. Cindy says:

    Is there a TJ premade soup that is a sub for these? Time is an issue and I am looking at your program to start. I’m also in a small town so I want to make a run to St Louis to a TJ to get what I need for the week.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Cindy, Your question got buried! So sorry. I’m sure you’ve figured things out by now, but to answer your question, Yes! TJ’s has a bunch of prepared salads and soups that are detox-friendly. I love their “Super Spinach Salad” and their Lentil soup — both in the fridge section. Or, they also have canned lentil soup that you could just add more veggies to. Hope you’re feeling great and that all is well! – xoxo Jen

  9. Gracie says:

    Quick question, many times I eat none or very minimal carbs a day, coming from oats/ quinoa or rarely brown rice. Do you recommend having the suggested amount of carbs each day? Do these help with the detox/weight loss?

  10. nbahgat says:

    Hi Jen! Thanks for putting this together :) I want to check if this plan is still good for males? I’m planning to increase quantities for my husband may be! Also, can I switch days, so do day 6 for day 2 and so on? Thanks again ;)

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Yes, it’s great for guys too. They just eat larger quantities of food. And definitely switch the food around or eat the same thing every day if you want! Have fun :) – Jen

  11. Sara says:

    Can the herbel teas be sweetened?

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