Day 3

Detox Day 3

7-Day Detox overview and guidelines here. Shopping List here

Detox Day 3: Fluids and Raw Foods IN, 10 Times More Pee OUT 

Shamrock Smoothie

Upon Waking (7:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water) and a dash of cayenne
Breakfast (8:00 AM)
Shamrock Smoothie (SKINNY DISH, page 38):
This shake makes about 4 (1-cup) servings–enjoy 2 cups if you want!
Hardcore Detoxers can omit the 2 Tbsp orange juice concentrate from the smoothie.

Morning Snack (10:00 AM)
Herbal tea, large dish of sliced strawberries or other berries
1 Hour Later (11:00 AM)
Large glass of filtered water with cucumber slices (in the water)
Lunch (12:00 PM)
Gigantic green salad (as many veggies as you’d like) topped with ½ cup kidney beans
1 cup brown rice
Filtered water
Mid-Afternoon Snack (2:00 PM)
Large glass of filtered water with lemon wedge
Apple slices dipped in almond butter
Pre-Dinner Snack (4:00 PM)
Herbal tea; 1/4 cup raw walnuts
Dinner (6:00 PM)
Veggie Pupusas (SKINNY DISH, page 155)
Filtered water
Before Bed (8:00 PM)
Chamomile or other herbal tea

Easy Breezy on Day 3?! You’re almost halfway there. Aren’t you proud of yourself??

13 Responses to Day 3

  1. Kerry says:

    I am feeling great! I have been some changes to the menu because I have lots of leftovers so I am just eating those. I still sticking with only items on the menu just at different times and I realize that I might not even make some of the recipes. Maybe I will focus on those for the next detox :)

  2. Rachael says:

    Is it ok that I still have a headache on day three?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Rachael, The headache is usually gone by Day 3. Did you drop caffeine suddenly on Day 1? Are you eating enough calories? Anything else going on? – Jen

      • Rachael says:

        I’m actually not a big caffeine consumer to start. I’m following the menu pretty strictly but maybe it’s the portions that are the problem. I will try to eat more tomorrow and see of that helps. I can’t think of anything else that would be a trigger. Thanks for the response!

  3. sherri says:

    Loving these juices. I’m doing my own salads and cutting back on all the rices and additional carbs

  4. Barb says:

    Done day 3 and each day I have felt “stuffed” following the menu pretty religiously. I am not a big eater so this is a lot of food and I have cut back on the portions. I cut out happy hour and coffee so I should be feeling great right? I have some “light” moments but mostly, my clothes are tighter – YUK! Any recommendations?

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hey Barb, Watch your portions of nuts/seeds/avocados/root veggies. Stick with more raw fruits and veggies and low-sugar smoothies/juices. It’ll happen! You’ll feel amazing soon enough! XOXO

  5. Angela says:

    Hi Jen – I feel like I’ve been following your guidelines very carefully, but ever since lunch yesterday, I’ve been really nauseous when thinking about food. I’m wondering if this is a common symptom of detoxing and if anyone else has experienced it before.

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi Angela,

      I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. You may have to cool it on the raw veggies, especially if you weren’t used to as many. Some folks get nauseous/indigestion with raw kale in smoothies, etc. It’s normal to feel a little of that, but certainly not fun! Try for more whole grains and cooked veggies today and see how you feel. Keep me posted! :) Jen

  6. Alice says:

    I am on day three now and let me tell you I feel fantastic! And the Shamrock shake is my favorite! I will def have this again and again!

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