When You Just Need to Shovel It In

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t stop eating? When everything tastes so good, and your “full” meter is on vacation? Those days can easily pack in an extra 700 calories. Five days like that and you just gained a pound. Or, have a day like that once a week and you’ll gain 10+ pounds a year! Well if you’re NOT trying to chub up, here is a list of foods to have on hand for those days. Stuff ’em in and keep the belt setting right where it is:

  • Raw, steamed, or grilled veggies. Any kind, any way.
  • Fruit. I don’t care if it’s high-glycemic index watermelon or pineapple. Tear it up. No one ever got fat from eating too much fresh fruit.
  • Beans (e.g. Edamame). While they aren’t necessarily low-calorie, how many beans can you really eat? 2 cups? Do it.
  • Lightly salted rice cakes topped with salsa. Find your favorite salsa and get messy. This snack is crunchfully satisfying and tastes fantastic.
  • Light air-popped popcorn. Ideally, something like Bearitos microwave popcorn without oil.
  • Pickles. There’s really nothing on earth like a Kosher Dill. Have 12.
  • Vegetable soup. Easy on the noodles, heavy on the veggies.
  • Dried veggies like Just Veggies.

Of course you could go wild with sugar-free Jello and chicken broth, but do those things really sound good?? Pull from the list and eat away. Did your belt survive?


One Response to When You Just Need to Shovel It In

  1. Healthy eating has really been good for my family. It’s very satisfying to grow and then prepare your own food.

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