Contest: Rename the Shrek Smoothie & Win!

Photo by: Bitchin' Dietitian

Although i love Shrek and all his deliciousness, I never really liked the name of the Shrek Smoothie. It IS the perfect color of his epidermis, and the Shrek factor was meant to appeal to kids (which it does), but we need a new all-age-encompassing name. Enter your ideas in the Comments section and the winner will be chosen next Friday, October 8th. The winner will receive the next best thing to a new car… a free 60-minute nutrition counseling session avec moi! The session can be in person (if in the DC area), via Skype video phone, or just a simple phoner convo. A bitchin’ $100 value!


22 Responses to Contest: Rename the Shrek Smoothie & Win!

  1. HModz says:

    Puce Juice (Puju for short)

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Heather, I LOVE it! Although i’m not sure i’ll be able to accomplish my mission of getting people to try the smoothie with a name like that… do you think?

      • HModz says:

        Probably not. It’s delicious, by the way. Will’s not entirely sold (anything remotely green is suspect). But the fact that we got him to try it at all was heartening.

        He routinely asks for “Keller on the iPhone” – her smoothie video is one of his all time favs!

      • Jen Reilly says:

        Awe, very cute! Try Will with the smoothie in an opaque cup w/ lid & straw… that’s how we serve it to our underage guests.

  2. I’m torn between Emerald Smoothie and Jade Smoothie. take your pick:)
    p.s.- If I win I would like to bequeath my prize to my type 1 diabetic, cheeto eating husband.

  3. Neilmod says:

    “spanikopita in a glass”

    The latest Greek/Spanish fusion cocktail, complete with theme song, ” if you like spanikolada, and getting caught in the rain…”

  4. The HR Intern says:

    How about “The Four-Leaf Cocktail”, almost as lucky as a four-leaf clover?

  5. Will Hesselton says:

    Here are a few suggestions:
    1.) Shrekoothie
    2.) Emerald Forest
    3.) Greenhouse
    4.) Popeye’s Smooth-eye

  6. Mike Kohn says:

    How about “The Four-Leaf Cocktail”, not quite as lucky as the four-leaf clover? 🙂

  7. es says:

    how ’bout Shreks on the Beach?

  8. Erin Orr says:

    Hey Jen!

    When @reillybri promo’d your smoothie to a group of us SMPSdc’ers I took the recipe home and experimented on my 3-year old with low expectations of success! Long story short he LOVED it and he named it the “Spartan Smoothie” after our fave Michigan State Spartans. Even at the age of 3 he is a bit superstitious and likes to drink them before the games for good luck!
    Thanks for the recipe — keep them coming!
    Go Green!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Erin, That’s got a great ring to it! Brian mentioned something about the ‘Michigan State Smoothie,’ but Spartan Smoothie is WAY better. Great name, and definitely in the running! Glad the smoothie went over well, and i guess too bad the Spartans don’t play every day? – Jen

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